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End-of-Life Planning

Our Founder

The Good Bye was founded in 2020 in Columbus, Ohio and has been interpreting for eight years.

Samuel earned holds undergraduate degrees in Cultural Anthropology and American Sign Language Interpreting Anthropology from Haverford College in 2010 and his AAS in Interpreting in 2012. In 2013, he earned his National Interpreter Certification (NIC) shortly after moving to San Francisco, where he lived for three years. In 2016, Samuel moved to Barcelona to study at ESADE Business School, where he earned his MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


In 2019, Samuel was promoted to his current role as Asst. Director of Interpreting at Sorenson Communications. Since then, he has served on Sorenson’s African-American Advisory Council (AAAC) and Spanish Management Team, and earned his MBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology.


Outside of interpreting, Samuel serves on the board of trustees of an incredible little high school. He is passionate about issues of social justice, racial and LGBTQ equality, and immigrant/refugee rights. Samuel also loves international travel and learning languages.

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